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Oct 14 2021

New Jersey Devils Hockey Team Promotes Afrocentrism

Not even hockey has escaped the black supremacist politics that is ruining professional sports, despite virtually no blacks playing hockey.

The New Jersey Devils hockey team and Prudential Financial announced on Wednesday that a Black-owned business logo will be featured on player helmets for 13 home games this season. The helmet patch asset, which is often used by companies for advertising, is being donated by Prudential Financial.

The racial rewards for the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots that scarred the country throughout 2020 continue to accrue.

The patch donation combines incentives with Devils’ “Buy Black Program,” which was created to help minority-owned businesses in and around Newark, New Jersey, where the team is based.

The government claims black-owned business declined by 41% early in the pandemic. Yet Bloomberg reports that there are 38% more black-owned companies than in February 2020. Given the many advantages of being black-owned, at least on paper, the latter number is more believable.

The important thing is always to remember that everything in the universe revolves around blacks deserving special favoritism, including venues of entertainment that you might turn to for escape.

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