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Sep 11 2023

New Mexico Gun Decree Won’t Fly

In a trial balloon for the Democratic Party, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham suspended the Second Amendment by executive order in the name of another supposed health emergency. If this flies, Biden will issue a similar decree. But it won’t fly:

On Sunday afternoon, dozens of gun rights activists gathered in Old Town Albuquerque to voice their displeasure with Gov Grisham’s 30-day suspension of open and concealed carry laws that went into effect in the city of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. Many of the protesters openly displayed their firearms in a deliberate defiance of Grisham’s decree.

Protesters proudly displayed American, Gadsden, and “Come and Take It” flags. A man was holding a sign addressed to Grisham that read: “Our founding fathers warned us about you.” A woman was holding a sign that stated: “Gun rights are women’s rights.”

Local coverage from KRQE:

Ron DeSantis weighs in:

DeSantis slammed the so-called emergency public health order on Saturday morning, “Just a few months after ending the COVID ‘public health emergency,’ the Governor of New Mexico has declared a new ‘public health emergency’: Guns.”

“She is now asserting the power to infringe on Second Amendment rights by executive fiat. This assertion is not surprising — since 2020, ‘public health’ has become a pretext for depriving citizens of civil liberties and trampling on our Constitutional rights,” the Republican presidential candidate proclaimed.

DeSantis declared, “It ends when I am President. Your 2nd Amendment rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

So does fellow patriot Mike Lee:

Lujan Grisham’s decree would be moronic as anything other than an attack on the Constitution. Four lawsuits have been filed against it.

Democrats may realize they overstepped. Leftists Ted Lieu and David Hogg — whose entire reason for public existence is his radical opposition to gun rights — have weighed in against the decree, apparently reading from the same memo passed down from above:

No doubt an executive order has been prepared and awaits Biden’s signature the moment his handlers think they can get away with something like the New Mexico decree without provoking a bloodbath. They know that once we have been disarmed, game over. We will be completely at their mercy — and leftists have no mercy, as they have demonstrated time and again where they have achieved total control.

Encouraging as the pushback has been, the response must be more forceful, or Democrats may conclude they did not overstep after all. Lujan Grisham has committed a federal crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison by attempting to deprive Americans of a constitutional right. She must be removed from office and imprisoned. Anything short of this will signal that we do not take our liberties seriously.

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