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May 20 2023

New York City Reportedly Sinking

This goes beyond emblematic. The symbolism is downright ham-fisted. If we are to believe the Experts, moonbattery-rotted New York City is literally sinking:

Three University of Rhode Island oceanologists and a researcher from the U.S. Geological Survey found that New York City, home to more than 8 million people, is sinking at a rate of 1 to 2 millimeters a year while sea level rises.

At 1–2 mm per year, mitigation measures may be required within a few centuries. Considering the speed at which big government does anything other than confiscate wealth, NYC is in for an overdue bath.

Now for the bad news. The Experts are probably full of it as usual. Boldface added:

“As coastal cities grow globally, the combination of construction densification and sea level rise imply increasing inundation hazard,” a summary of the research said. “The point of the paper is to raise awareness that every additional high-rise building constructed at coastal, river, or lakefront settings could contribute to future flood risk…”

Raising awareness is the point of a lot of bad science, as well as most hate hoaxes.

Rising sea levels are a feature of the global warming hoax. The extent to which sea levels may really be rising is unknowable, because any data pertaining to the global warming hoax is too politicized to be reliable.

Development (i.e., capitalism) bad, global warming scary. Designing models to reach such conclusions is a sure means of securing government grant money.

Something else to panic about.

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