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Mar 01 2024

New York Moves Forward With Government Jobs for Illegals

As noted previously,

American citizens are less qualified for government jobs, because they may be infected with some vestigial remnant of American principles like limited government. No need to worry about that with the millions of Third Worlders Democrats are importing to displace us.

Consequently, in New York,

Gov. Kathy Hochul is moving forward with her plan to retool the Civil Service Commission to put illegal aliens at the head of the line for state jobs. …

[T]he plan Hochul approved eliminates several requirements for illegals to be eligible for the jobs.

The rules requiring applicants to take the civil service exam and to have a high school diploma have been eliminated.

Unemployed New Yorkers are advised to throw their ID in the garbage and pretend to be illiterate foreigners who have snuck into the country illegally. Under Democrat rule, this will open doors of opportunity.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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