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Apr 04 2024

Newspeak Dictionary Updates for CIA Agents

According to our official state ideology, every aspect of existence pertains to race, and must be evaluated according to the principle that white is bad and black is good. Therefore, agents of the Deep State have been ordered to stop staying “blacklisted” as if it were a bad thing.

US spies, including members of the CIA, have been told the term “blacklisted” is racist

The guidance has been included in The Dive, a newsletter circulated by the intelligence community’s diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility office.

Such are the CIA’s priorities under Democrat rule, as America’s adversaries plot our downfall.

Also favored by our moonbat overlords are the “neurodivergent” — a key Democrat constituency. Consequently,

The term “sanity check” is discouraged because it is disparaging towards people with mental illness.

As covered previously, The Dive also promotes transvestitism among agents of the CIA/NSA/FBI/ETC.

Now back to the usual obsession with the sacred put-uponedness of the people we are no longer allowed to refer to as Negroes:

“Cakewalk” and “grandfathered” are also no longer regarded as acceptable because of their association with slavery.

I wonder if it’s still permitted to call spies “spooks.”

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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