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Jan 11 2024

Next Comes Billeting Illegal Aliens in Our Homes

An entrepreneur as successful as Elon Musk can see into the future. After New York City recently turned over a high school to illegal aliens, forcing kids into “virtual classes” (i.e., suspended education), Musk tweeted this:

This prediction did not require ESP. Responded Libs of TikTok,

Via Fox Business:

In Massachusetts, Gov. Maura Healey, who declared a state of emergency over the crisis, had asked residents to consider sponsoring migrant families by hosting them in their homes as the state’s shelter system reached capacity, according to the outlet.

First they ask; soon they tell.

Before our eyes, Democrats are handing over our country to the unlawful foreign invaders they have invited to pour across the undefended border from every unsavory corner of the globe. Why wouldn’t they do the same with our homes?

The Third Amendment protects us from being forced to quarter soldiers. But this may not apply to the highly irregular troops Democrats have brought in to fundamentally transform the country. Nor will anything else in the Constitution apply if they succeed.

On tips from Stormfax and Anonymous.


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