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Apr 27 2024

Denied Healthcare for Affirming Only Women Are Women

Under a totalitarian regime that is still relatively soft and decentralized, you won’t be subjected to torture in Room 101 for stating incontrovertible facts along the lines of 2 + 2 = 4. But you might be denied healthcare:

A disabled Pennsylvanian woman is speaking out after Planned Parenthood Keystone dismissed her from medical treatment over what they allege are “anti-trans and transphobic” views. The woman, who uses the pseudonym Jane Lane, had been receiving healthcare at the Pennsylvania clinic for over a decade.

With Democrats in charge, Planned Parenthood is in effect a branch of the government. It is funded lavishly with taxpayer money. Much of this is kicked back to Democrats as campaign donations. Democrat apparatchiks will break the kneecaps of those who give Planned Parenthood trouble, as when Kamala Harris went after journalist David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling body parts harvested from the children it kills.

Without warning, Lane’s upcoming medical appointment was canceled, and she was not allowed to make future appointments. A letter from Planned Parenthood Keystone CEO Trish Tashjian made explicit that Lane was being punished for her viewpoint:

“The dismissal from services is due to repeated offensive conversations and symbols that contradict our commitment to creating an inclusive and compassionate environment for both staff and patients.”

Lane was denounced for “anti-trans and transphobic rhetoric and symbols.”

The letter was initially shared on X by @TTExulansic, who also included photos of the shirts Lane had occasionally worn to her appointments. Among the shirts were those with slogans “Make Women Female Again”; “Woman: Adult Human Female”; and “100% Natural Woman, Female Original.”

That is, her crime is to have affirmed that only women are women. That they regard this fact as impermissible provides insight into whether the ostensible feminists at Planned Parenthood really support women.


Lane says she witnessed a Planned Parenthood staff member with yellow and purple hair wearing similarly politicized t-shirts and jewelry, including a “smash the gender binary” pin and “they/them” pronoun earrings.

In a show of liberal tolerance, Planned Parenthood agreed to see Lane “in case of medical emergencies until 5/10/2024” — which is more compassion than you might expect from people who mainly kill babies for a living.

You can see why Democrats have made a priority of incrementally seizing control of healthcare. It gives them significant leverage to punish resistance.

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