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Sep 02 2023

No Proof of Vaccination Needed for Alien Students in NYC

As we have learned from watching the Biden Crime Family avoid consequences, the rules the rest of us live under do not apply to powerful Democrats. These rules also do not apply to groups Democrats regard as “oppressed,” like the foreign invaders who have been unlawfully imported to displace us from our country. For example:

Close to 20,000 migrant children will have been absorbed by New York City’s public schools when the school year starts on Sept. 7. None will be required to show proof of vaccinations when they enroll, as is required for the children of New Yorkers.

Deadly diseases don’t care whether its vectors are in the country legally. Nor do our rulers care about these spreading through our schools, or they wouldn’t leave the border open.

It’s not as if Democrats don’t understand the effects of their policies:

In April, New York City Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan warned New Yorkers that they could be exposed to viruses and diseases that have been eradicated from the United States due to illegal immigration.

Tuberculosis and polio will make comebacks in fundamentally transformed America.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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