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May 29 2021

Now We Are Supposed to Fret About Tree Farts

Progressives want to limit our access to meat, because according to their ideology, cow flatulence is offensive to the climate. At least we can still eat fruits and vegetables. Well, maybe not fruits that grow on trees, because it turns out that trees fart too:

Gases released by dead trees — dubbed “tree farts” — account for roughly one-fifth of the greenhouse gases emitted by skeletal, marshy forests along the coast of North Carolina, researchers report online May 10 in Biogeochemistry. …

A team of ecologists went sniffing for tree farts in ghost forests, which form when saltwater from rising sea levels poisons a woodland, leaving behind a marsh full of standing dead trees. These phantom ecosystems are expected to expand with climate change…

Where there is life or has been life recently, there is carbon dioxide. CO2 was previously viewed as an essential nutrient for plants. But now that CO2 has been revealed as environmentally unclean, plants are part of the problem.

The only way to heal the planet is to abolish all life. This will also serve to eradicate racism and capitalism.

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