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Feb 27 2022

NPR Helps Listeners Cope With Ukraine Headlines

When you see admirable displays of courage in Ukraine…

…you can’t help but wonder if today’s Americans would show as much character. Regarding NPR listeners, the answer is a definitive no. They can’t even cope with seeing the headlines, much less trying to live through the invasion.

The Blaze reports:

“Russia’s attack on Ukraine means there’s a stressful news cycle ahead of us. The reality of conflict is always a shock to the system,” read the tweet from NPR on Friday as Ukrainian citizens were defending their country against an overwhelming Russian invasion.

The article from NPR’s “Life Kit” offered helpful suggestions about self-care while sitting at home reading about brave Ukrainian patriots dying in the streets to protect their families.

“Maybe this is the time that you finally recreate a family recipe, or maybe you learn how to make a prettier pie, or maybe you just lose yourself to a kitsch reorganization,” read one of their recommendations.

Among the reactions,

“These people really do not envision their audience as grown adults. And maybe there’s a reason for that,” responded Dan McLaughlin of National Review.

Even a columnist for left-leaning Politico commented that this was the “stupidest thing NPR has ever proposed, and that’s saying a lot.”

Yet we will still have to pay for the moonbattery spewed through NPR and PBS, no matter how stupid it gets, because they operate on the socialist rather than the capitalist model.

Your tax dollar at work.

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