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Sep 19 2022

NYC Ax-Wielding Maniac Released Without Bail

The ax-wielding maniac who smashed up a Lower East Side McDonald’s while it was full of terrified customers has already been released without bail to resume his antisocial activities:

Michael Palacios, 31, who allegedly grabbed an ax and trashed the Delancey Street fast-food joint in a fit early Friday, was arraigned on fourth-degree criminal-mischief and possession-of-weapons charges hours later and freed, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said.

Neither charge is eligible for bail under the state’s lenient criminal-justice reforms.

Palacios went off when a girl failed to respond receptively to his overtures. Who knows what will trigger him next time, or whether he will manage to kill someone?

Meanwhile, the same radicals who run places like New York want to deny the law-abiding their constitutional right to protect themselves from the sociopaths who are encouraged to run riot.

Liberal is not consistent with the maintenance of civilization.

On tips from DCGere and Chris Neilson.


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