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May 28 2022

NYC Campaign to Destigmatize Heroin Use

If abortion can be “safe” according to the moonbats in charge, why not heroin?

Abortion and heroin have a lot in common. Both senselessly destroy lives, and in the name of degeneracy, both are promoted by progressives of the type who run New York City:

NYC’s Department of Public Health empowers junkies in part by urging them to “Avoid using alone and take turns.” Sharing needles helps spread not only hepatitis but AIDS. Those with AIDS qualify as a preferred identity group due to the disease being spread mainly through degenerate behavior. There’s your empowerment.

The objective of this campaign is what social engineers call “destigmatization.” This strategy has worked wonders to get more people onto the welfare rolls, to have children out of wedlock, to engage in sexual depravity, et cetera.

That which Democrats want to make ubiquitous, they must destigmatize, because nothing they advocate is not pernicious, shameful, and morally abhorrent.

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