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Dec 10 2021

NYC Gives Right to Vote to Foreigners, Illegal Aliens

American citizenship means nothing to Democrats. They have no loyalty to the USA, regarding themselves as globalist citizens of the world. Unless they are removed from power, the country will be run like New York, where the City Council just passed a measure allowing noncitizens to vote.

Marxist Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he will sign it. His incoming replacement Eric Adams supports it too. The measure applies not only to green-card–holding foreigners but also to “Dreamers” — i.e., illegal aliens.

The anti-American leftists at CNBC rejoice:

Councilman Francisco Moya, whose family hails from Ecuador, choked up as he spoke in support of the bill.

“This is for my beautiful mother who will be able to vote for her son,” said Moya, while joining the session by video with his immigrant mother at his side.

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and mushy inside?

Democrats would not dilute the vote of Americans with those of foreigners if they did not stand to benefit. Non-American translates to un-American when it comes to elections.

The city’s move could enflame the national debate over voting rights, particularly among some who wrongly assert that rampant fraud by noncitizens has taken place in federal elections.

Thank you, CNBC, for further clarifying whose side you are on by lying clumsily on behalf of the Democratic Party. As Tom Fitton explains, it is naive to think illegal aliens are not voting by the millions. This is a major reason the southern border is still wide open, with needy, unskilled voters pouring across at a rate of millions per year to displace us.

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, the Democratic Party is at war with the United States.

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