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Nov 05 2022

Obama Brings the Cringe

No need to go back 6 years to find cringe-inducing Democrat campaign videos. This one features the Moonbat Messiah himself, as well as a liberal creature of indecipherable gender:

@underthedesknews In 2008 I voted the way my Dad did, I’m grateful for the work President Obama did to secure marriage equality and will be voting this term to protect these hard earned rights. #creatorsforgood #vote #iwillvote ♬ original sound – UnderTheDeskNews

For once, Obama is correct; these issues are worth going out to vote over. To translate from the liberalese, the three issues he names are imposing poverty in the name of pretending to control the climate, suspending the constitutional right of self-defense, and killing babies on behalf of degeneracy.

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