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Sep 14 2021

Organic Farming Causes Food Crisis in Sri Lanka

Under rule by Biden and the Democrats, the cost of food is climbing. If it’s any consolation, there is a place where food inflation is even worse: Sri Lanka. There as here, the crisis was caused by letting moonbats have power:

The surge in food prices and a real fear of hoarding of essential food items was the last straw that forced President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to impose the economic emergency on 31 August under the public security ordinance.

At the root of this economic catastrophe is a bizarre overnight flip by Rajapaksa’s government on 29 April to ban the import of chemical fertilisers and any other agrochemicals to make the Indian Ocean nation the first in the world to practice organic-only agriculture.

The result: prices of daily food items like sugar, rice and onions have soared over twice, with sugar even touching record Rs 200/kg; kerosene oil and cooking gas prices are surging; tea crops are predicted to fail in October; and there are fears over a hit to production of other crucial export crops like cinnamon, pepper, rubber, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, betel leaves, cocoa, and vanilla.

Big Government eagerly exploits the crises it creates to grow even bigger:

The crisis has now reached such a proportion that a former army general has been appointed as ‘commissioner general of essential services’ to raid and seize food stocks.

If ham-fisted authoritarianism driven by lunatic liberal ideology that ignores disastrous real world consequences sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Green New Deal policies of the Biden Administration.

Typical of coercive ecomoonbattery, the organic farming mandate is a matter of posturing, not of improving the environment:

Eminent researchers have also noted that organic farming increases farmland due to its low yields. This results in deforestation, leading to large scale extinction of species and a rise in greenhouse emissions.

Get woke, go broke — and eventually go hungry, as the world around you goes to hell.

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