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Mar 01 2023

PBS Denounces Monopoly and Capitalism

You may wonder what your tax dollar has been paying to produce on PBS, but probably not enough to sit through the pretentious moonbattery, so here’s an update:

The newest edition of the Public Broadcasting System series American Experience delves into the history of the famous board game Monopoly in “Ruthless: Monopoly’s Secret History.”

But not content to relay the sordid history of how Parker Brothers-anointed game “inventor” Charles Darrow ripped off previous versions of the game, including a socialist version by Lizzie Magie, the makers had to shoehorn misleading anti-capitalist ideology in, falsely conflating capitalism with harmful monopoly power and reducing them both to “greed.”

Game designer Ashlyn Sparrow is provided a megaphone through which to bark the dismal nihilistic wokeism that is the creed of our rulers:

“Monopoly makes it easy to imagine that you can, you know, accomplish your goals, accomplish your vision, you can start a business, and you don’t have to think about what you look like, where you come from, that you’re from a different class, from a different race, have a different gender, have a different gender expression. You don’t have to think about any of that at all, right? And that is the problem and the myth that Monopoly continues to just push forward.”

No doubt some of the numberless federal bureaucracies comprising the Deep State are already working to put a stop to this with new board game regulations.

PBS types may hate Monopoly for being a piece of Americana, but what they really hate is economic freedom, a.k.a. capitalism. Journalist Mary Pilon piles on:

“Monopoly does obscure a lot of realities about this country, about class, about race, about gender, about how our current, dare I say, game of capitalism is played, and has been for centuries…”

Fortunately antiestablishment media outlets not propped up by tax money are still allowed to speak truth to moonbattery:

What this left-wing wall of unanimity ignores: Of all forms of economics, capitalism is most focused on results and the least on who you are. It is the most class-blind, color-blind, sex-blind economic philosophy around, closer to a meritocracy than the socialism most commenters here would likely prefer.

Since we are forced to pay for ideologically compliant government media, Democrats may as well force us to pay for ideologically compliant government board games. A game entitled “Equity” in which everyone always wins and Big Government keeps the money is sure to garner positive reviews from PBS.

As much of the program as you are likely to sit through.

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