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Apr 07 2022

Pinterest Forbids Questioning Global Warming Hoax

With Covid winding down, our moonbat overlords turn their attention to a crisis that is not merely blown out of proportion but entirely fabricated: the allegedly planet-threatening anthropogenic climate catastrophe. Dissidents were forbidden from deviating from the official party line on Covid. The same will go for the global warming hoax. Pinterest has already made it official:

Pinterest on Wednesday announced a new policy prohibiting users from sharing climate misinformation on its platform, making it the rare social platform to ban such content outright.

“Misinformation” is a word you didn’t hear much when this was a free country that respected open discussion. The term is a tool of totalitarians, begging the obvious question of who decides what thoughts and observations are “misinformation.”

If you don’t swallow the global warming hoax hook, line, and sinker, anything you might say is liable to be deemed misinformation by the moonbat apparatchiks at Pinterest.

Pinterest, a service where users can bookmark and share visual posts, said it will remove content that denies the existence or impacts of climate change as well as the role of humans in causing climate change. It also plans to take action on false or misleading content about climate change solutions, content misrepresenting scientific data that could erode trust in experts, and harmful false or misleading content about climate change-related public safety emergencies.

So that’s how the liberal establishment will prevent further erosion of trust in The Experts. Not by holding Tony Fauci types accountable for their lies, but by forbidding criticism.

Snickering at the notion that there is such a thing as “climate change-related public safety emergencies” no doubt counts as misinformation.

The platform will also ban ads containing false information or conspiracy theories related to climate change.

A “conspiracy theory” is any narrative not promoted by the liberal establishment.

Pinterest has already been an arm of the Ministry of Truth:

In 2017, Pinterest rolled out a policy prohibiting health misinformation such as anti-vaccine content. It has since expanded the policy to include misinformation and conspiracy theories about elections and other civic activities.

Don’t like election fraud? Keep your thoughts to yourself or stay off Pinterest.

“Civic activities” no doubt include looting local stores and tearing down statues of George Washington on behalf of Black Lives Matter.

Social media platforms are increasingly facing scrutiny for their role in the spread of climate change misinformation. In November, more than 200 climate scientists, activists and organizations fighting disinformation signed an open letter addressed to the heads of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit calling on them to implement climate misinformation policies similar to their “robust Covid-19” policies.

Progressives know their malign and sophomoric ideology, based upon lies, will not fare well in open debate. So “robust” policies must be employed to shut up their opponents.

The term “facing scrutiny” is particularly alarming. This implies that climate grifters (I mean “scientists”), activists, and of course the media will call upon the Democrat Party to force Big Tech to silence dissent — not that arms will need to be twisted very hard in Silicon Valley, a homogenously left-wing institution with zero respect for fundamental American principles like free speech.

Google last year said it would no longer allow climate change deniers to profit on its platforms.

Liberal politicians pretend that the climate will not change if only we allow them to suppress domestic energy production, submit to driving inefficient electric moonbatmobiles, et cetera. Doesn’t that make them “climate deniers”? The climate is going to fluctuate no matter what we do. Only leftists imply otherwise.

The problem with Covid was that it couldn’t last forever. Not so with the climate crisis. Even if it gets colder, The Experts will say that the cold is caused by warmth. The potential for tyranny is limited only by our willingness to put up with it.

Resistance starts with laughing at any dupe who takes the imaginary crisis seriously.

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