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Nov 29 2023

Please Not Nikki Haley

The need to drain the swamp has become urgent if we are to avoid succumbing to a USSR level of tyranny. Despite support from the Koch Brothers and GOP establishment types, Nikki Haley is not the one to do it — though she might at least provide some comic relief in her obsequious eagerness to pander to political correctness.

Among the most preposterous hate hoaxes yet was belligerent NASCAR BLM a-hole Bubba Wallace’s claim that the door pull in his garage was oppressing him because he thought it looked like a noose. Among the most preposterous responses to a hate hoax was Nikki Haley’s:

Haley and Wallace have in common a determination to eradicate the flag that for many generations has represented Southern heritage and culture.

Her knee-jerk reflex to back the phony liberal narrative by siding with Bubba Wallace types against normal Americans is a deal breaker, as is her enthusiasm for bestowing our last pennies upon the corrupt regime in Ukraine. If that’s not enough for you, watch this:

If you haven’t gotten your fill of her yet, visit Real Nikki Haley.

Even Nikki Haley is better than Democrats. That’s how bad today’s Democrats are.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.


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