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Oct 11 2021

Pole Dancing Classes for 7-Year-Olds

Moral degeneracy is at the core of the liberal agenda. The ultimate prize in this regard is the corruption of children. As America succumbs to leftism, girls in grade school are taught to pole dance at Tiff’s Pole Fitness in Jasper, Indiana.

Kids pole too!” exclaim the ads. A Tiffs Facebook post enthuses that it is “now offering kids pole ages 7 to 12 & extra flirty flow classes!”

Let’s hope this isn’t a family business. Maxwell Garrett Huebner was convicted of a sexual offense against a minor less than 16 years of age in 2019. He was charged 6 months before marrying Tiffany Huebner (née Tiffany Ann Reed), the owner of Tiff’s Pole Fitness.

See the Post Millennial for more details.

On a tip from Henry.


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