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Jan 09 2024

Police Deliver Hot Coffee to Pro-Hamas Lawbreakers

The ensuing pro-Hamas disruptions have placed the nightmarish terror atrocities of October 7 in the context of a broader conflict between civilization and its enemies — between good and evil. Under left-wing rule, there is no need to wonder which side Canadian authorities are on:

The proterrorists shut down a major access point to the Jewish neighborhood Armour Heights in Toronto.

Breitbart notes the…

…sharp contrast to the behavior of police during truckers’ protests two years ago, when protesters were arrested and their supporters’ bank accounts were often frozen.

But there is a big difference. The truckers were protesting against the lunatic excesses of Covid tyranny. The keffiyeh crowd is protesting in favor of rape, torture, and genocide as means to eradicate not only Israel but ultimately all of Western Civilization — so it has no need to worry about police state tactics from the Trudeau Regime.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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