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Sep 28 2021

Pope Francis and the Work of the Devil

One indication that Pope Francis is a leftist before he is a Christian is that he displays the cardinal leftist trait of accusing his opponents of his own crimes, just like a Democrat politician. In Francis’s case, this means proclaiming that his critics are doing the “work of the Devil.”

Other indications include requiring a “green pass” to enter the Vatican, echoing the Mark of the Beast from Revelation; encouraging homosexuality; casting doubt on the immortality of the soul; bullying orthodox Catholics; promoting demographic transformation by mass migration; facilitating the Islamification of Europe; siding with terrorists and excusing their violence; helping to displace Christianity with pagan worship of nature; and calling for world government, again recalling the rule of the Beast in Revelation:

German communist Rudi Dutschke called it the “Long March Through the Institutions.” Radical leftists infiltrate each major institution, subvert it, and subordinate it to their malevolent cause. They have taken control of the Democratic Party, education, Hollywood, the news media, the advertising industry, pro sports, professional associations like the AMA, most corporate boardrooms, and many protestant denominations like the Episcopal Church. Now they hold the top position in the Catholic Church.

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