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Nov 26 2020

Portraits in COVID-19 Hypocrisy

COVID-19 has highlighted the two primary qualities of Democrats who achieve positions of authority: authoritarianism and hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is so glaring, not even the Washington Post could help but report on it:

Hancock, a … vice president of the National Conference of Democratic Mayors, has been an advocate for coronavirus restrictions. He has pushed residents to wear masks and last week warned that another stay-at-home order might be needed if cases keep rising in Colorado, which has seen covid-related hospitalizations rise in the past week by almost 13 percent.

He has also been vocal about limiting holiday get-togethers. At a virtual news conference on Friday, he suggested residents buy a small turkey and celebrate with their immediate family only. “Maybe next year we can all be together again,” he said. “I’m asking, I’m urging, I’m pleading with everyone. Please stay home.”

But just 30 minutes after tweeting his latest plea to avoid travel on Wednesday morning, Hancock boarded a flight, KUSA reported.

Off he flew to Mississippi, to visit family for Thanksgiving.

He got caught, so he apologized. There, all better.

As with the mendacious Gavin Newsom, Hancock’s apology appears not to be heartfelt:

Despite the mayor’s apology, [Mike] Strott, his spokesman, argued to the Denver Post that Hancock didn’t see his travel as contradicting his advice to residents.

Strott argues that Hancock will “follow health and safety guidelines upon his return.”

Quintessential COVID-19 tyrant Andrew Cuomo also had plans for today, but they blew up in his face in time for him to ostentatiously cancel them:

Cuomo narrowly skirted putting another[*] elderly New Yorker in danger of dying from COVID-19 after he decided to cancel Thanksgiving dinner plans with his 89-year-old mother.

*Cuomo killed presumably thousands of elderly New Yorkers by forcing nursing homes to accept 6,300 coronavirus patients.

This is after getting widely slammed for announcing plans to have Thanksgiving dinner with his two daughters and his elderly mother, TODAY reported.

This came on the heels of Cuomo, basically, ordering New Yorkers not to celebrate the holiday with anyone but household members.

Jason Riley reminds us of a few other prime examples of COVID-19 hypocrisy:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated lockdown orders to get their hair done, which sounds like something a Kardashian would do. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney sneaked out of state to dine at a restaurant in neighboring Maryland because eateries back home were closed to indoor customers. When Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser and members of her staff traveled to Delaware to celebrate Joe Biden’s presidential victory, they violated Covid quarantine requirements. And Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, who tweeted in July that “wearing masks in public should be mandatory,” has been spotted several times in public not wearing a mask while she was indoors and chatting face to face with others.

Notice that hypocritical coronavirus tyrants are virtually always members of the Party of Coercion, i.e., Democrats.

These are the same politicians who had no shame about gathering at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta in July to eulogize the late Rep. John Lewis even while millions of grieving Americans were barred from giving their own loved ones proper funerals.

Even as it has forced regular people to wear masks, the ChiCom virus has taken the mask off Democrat officials, revealing their hypocrisy and predilection for arbitrary tyranny.

On tips from MrRightWingDave, Sad Hill, and Varla.


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