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Feb 27 2024

Pro-Hamas Coffee Shop Whimpers Over Negative Feedback

In the aftermath of the atrocities inflicted against women and children on October 7, moonbats have taken a bold stand for Hamas in its terror war against civilization. However, when customers failed to affirm them in their moral depravity, the boldness quickly dissolved into sniveling at Skoden Coffee and Tea in Phoenix:

Since opening in December, Natasha John said the goal of Skoden Coffee and Tea, near Central and Camelback, has been to create an inclusive space.

“We are a small group of queer indigenous femmes,” said John. But she said earlier this month, a teenage barista was threatened by a customer because they were offended by a Palestine flag sticker on the lid of their coffee cup.

Presenting the Palestinian flag at this point in time is an endorsement of October 7. It is the exact equivalent of shoving the jihadist flag in people’s faces after 9/11.

Whether the barista was actually threatened by the “incredibly disgruntled” customer is doubtful. But complaints started to appear online, suggesting that the lefty tactic of plastering Yelp with negative reviews for political reasons has caught on.

Some wrote online that the coffee shop was unsanitary. A few days later, a Maricopa County health inspector stopped by and found a violation.

According to the Environmental Services Department, the hand-washing sink was not working.

Skoden Coffee and Tea was oppressed by having to close for 2 days until they could get their sink going.

Buck up, moonbats. If Aaron Bushnell can set himself on fire for Hamas, you can endure a few negative reviews and comply with health regulations.

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