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Nov 02 2020

Professor Kelly Kean Sharp, Racial Imposter

Thanks to the racist left-wing concept of “white privilege,” it is a big advantage to be anything but white. That’s why we have so many racial imposters like Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, Jessica Krug, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Satchuel Cole, and now Kelly Kean Sharp:

Sharp resigned Tuesday from her assistant professorship at Furman University following accusations that she pretended to be non-white, a university spokesman said.

An anonymous person outed the African American history scholar through a Medium post, InsideHigherEd reported.

Sharp apparently invented a Mexican grandmother, thereby transforming herself into a Mexican. You only need to be part nonwhite to be absolved of white privilege. She defined herself as “Chicana” on her Twitter profile.

She generously extended her phony nonwhiteness to her hometown of Encinitas, California, claiming that her research on the hated antebellum South was in part inspired by the town’s “majority-minority population.”

Encinitas is 88.7% white, census records show, and “known to anyone from California for being a wealthy beach community,” according to the Medium post.

Given her ability to distort reality on behalf of a phony PC narrative, Sharp might have had a successful career in academia. But not everyone gets away with greasing their career skids by racially redefining themselves the way Elizabeth Warren did at Harvard.

You don’t see nonwhite racial imposters pretending to be white. Assimilating with the core population is no way to get ahead when the national religion is Cultural Marxism.

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