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Jan 14 2023

Professor Tells Students to Watch Gay Pornography

Higher education isn’t what it was before moonbats began reducing it to something for everyone at everyone else’s expense. Advanced specialized training and cutting edge research are increasingly displaced by liberal indoctrination, dumbed down to a level that would be appropriate for children if it were not obscene. For example, at Penn State, students are instructed to watch homosexual pornography so as to get in touch with their potential for politically encouraged perversion:

In a lecture from his Sociology 119 course from the end of the fall semester, Penn State Sociology professor Sam Richards challenged students to watch same-sex pornography and confront the fact that they might be aroused by it. Richards claimed that every person has bisexual feelings, and that each individual might be more comfortable being bisexual.

Since the government blasts our money at universities through a firehose, let’s see what we’re paying for:

“We are all at some level nonbinary,” Richards added, in what he claimed was a summary of the views of many sociologists. “We’re all, very much, easily bisexual.” It is not clear to what research Richards is referring, but a 2015 study conducted by researchers at Cornell University claimed that both men and women were aroused when they watched porn of the same sex. The researchers claimed that this was evidence that sexuality is not strictly limited.

Advocacy research is increasing prevalent as universities become ever more dependent on government funding.

“I might have hit a nerve there. Did I hit a nerve?” the professor asked when the class fell silent in response.

In classrooms of the near future, overpaid professors will show snuff videos and egg on students to admit that some normally suppressed part of them is aroused.

Mainstreaming homosexuality is a top priority for liberals. Richards does his part:

“I have friends/acquaintances who’ve spent a long time in prison and they have homosexual sex,” he added. “They’re ‘straight’ until they need or want intimacy and then they have homosexual sex.”

If it is good enough for his friends in prison, it is good enough for society in general. That’s equity.

On tips from Ed McAninch, ABC of the ANC, Stormfax, and Franco.


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