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Jan 19 2023

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Ivan Provorov

These days professional sports are characterized by craven conformity to moonbattery. Athletes came to a fork in the road during the Black Lives Matter riots, and decided that they would rather kneel before their liberal elite paymasters by taking a knee to the lowlifes who were tearing down statues of George Washington than stand up for their country, decency, sanity, and self-respect. Even at the time, it would have taken courage to refuse to bow before leftism. Now that virtually every athlete has sold out, it takes such guts that Ivan Provorov inspires awe:

Provorov, an ice hockey defenseman and alternate captain for the Philadelphia Flyers in the National Hockey League, declined to wear the team’s LGBT warmup jersey for the Pride Night Tuesday following the team’s 5-2 home win over the Anaheim Ducks.

“I respect everybody’s choices,” Provorov told reporters, according to footage captured by Associated Press sportswriter Dan Gelston. “My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion.” He identified his faith as “Russian Orthodox.”

May God reward him.

Provorov moved from Russia to Pennsylvania at age 13. He has had plenty of time to imbibe the Kool-Aid that the rest of us are drowning in. But he stayed true.

Typical of pro sports, the Flyers hosted an elaborate extravaganza to promote homosexuality and transsexualism, which all players are expected to explicitly endorse.

[T]he Flyers hosted a “pre-game skate for local LGBTQ+ youth and officers from the Greater Philadelphia G.O.A.L. organization.” That organization advocates for “LGBTQ+ first responders and military members,” aiming to “educate first responders in LGBTQ+ competency” and “provide community outreach … between the LGBTQ+ public and first responder agencies.”

Flyers Charities presented the LGBT activist group with a $5,000 check and sold special Pride Night autographed mystery pucks for $35. The Wells Fargo Center also displayed rainbow colors during the game. The Flyers provided complimentary tickets for the game to nine LGBT groups, including the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, the William Way LGBTQ Community Center, and the Independence Business Alliance.

Yet Provorov withheld his endorsement of degeneracy, perversion, and mental illness.

Moonbats demand total conformity. The backlash from viciously “tolerant” liberals has been ferocious. Sports media predictably wants to crucify Provorov:

Liberals are furious because they know that one man’s courage can change a whole society, if others take inspiration from it.

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