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Apr 15 2021

Profiles in Moonbat Hypocrisy: Ben & Jerry’s

Over the past year, we have come to expect corporations to aggressively, even belligerently promote lunatic left ideology, but Unilever’s Ben & Jerry’s brand was there before the party started, the product having been obnoxiously politicized for years. The official B&J reaction to another lowlife Criminal of Color dying while resisting arrest was predictable:

An accident, probably resulting from poor training and Affirmative Action personnel standards, is proof that we must dismantle police nationwide because “white supremacy.” That #DefundThePolice hashtag will surely put an end to violence on the streets.

One tweeter responded,

This turned out not to be the case:

All woke members of the establishment are hypocrites. The only people who actually mean it when they spout antipolice moonbattery are sociopaths who belong in cages.

Not even Squad kook Rashida Tlaib means it:

When she screeches that she wants to abolish the police, she means that she wants to abolish local police that she cannot directly control from the DC Death Star. With no police at all, who will impose laws to make life miserable for decent people while thieves and maniacs are allowed to run riot?

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