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Apr 17 2024

Public School Kids Identify as Therians

Public school students have been encouraged to identify as members of the opposite sex. From there, it was a short step to kids identifying as other species:

A records request discovered 196 documents at Ann Arbor Public Schools about “therians” – students identifying as “a species of non-human animal on every level except physical.”

The students show their animal identity by wearing masks, a tail and running around on four limbs called “quadrobics.”

What else would you expect in a college town?

The documents were a treasure trove, revealing new identities that may have been unknown outside the confines of public schools, including:

• Kitluvollic: a gender relating to kittens, pink, love and dolls.

• Animagauditraitic: a gender related to being excited and happy, but in an animalistic way…

• Wizcatgender: a gender related to being a wizard and a cat.

• Traitblur: a label for being unable to differentiate your identity from your interests.

• Starwashic: this gender feels like stars washing up on a beach

• Prettygender: a new xenogender based off of feeling pretty or beautiful, comfort with one’s gender…

It seems likely that as with LGBT identities, teachers have had some input in coming up with these terms.

As for learning to read, write, and do basic math, that will have to wait until college. Good thing the governor has promised to make taxpayers finance free college for everyone.

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