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Nov 14 2023

Pushback Against Macy’s Defiling Thanksgiving Day Parade

The leftists who run corporations have targeted another American tradition to be defiled. Over 20,000 people have signed a petition to boycott this year’s pro-LGBTQIA2S+ Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Hopefully signatories will remember to boycott not just the parade but Macy’s. From the petition:

Performances showcased in the parade will include music from two Broadway musicals, & Juliet and Shucked, both of which feature transgender and non-binary performers in major roles.

Showcased in the parade will be the “nonbinary” Justin David Sullivan of & Juliet, who…

…declined eligibility for the Tony Awards, saying traditional acting categories need to be reconsidered to become more “inclusive” of gender non-conforming actors.


Alex Newell, a biological male who also identifies as non-binary, won a Tony Award this year for his starring performance in Shucked, playing the female role of Lulu.

This presents a progression toward shoving depravity in the public’s face ever more aggressively:

In 2021, transgender pop star Kim Petras performed during the parade, becoming the first transgender celebrity to perform during this once family-friendly holiday tradition.

Under liberal domination, nothing stays family-friendly for long. Have a look at Sullivan and Newell and ask yourself if you would let either of these guys near your kids.

As the Daily News notes,

The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has started the holiday season since 1924, pulling in more than 50 million television viewers as 3.5 million people line the 2.5-mile parade route through New York City.

Yet another American tradition is desecrated by leftist social engineers, subordinated to their sick agenda, and transformed into a means of sticking it to normal people.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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