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Jun 14 2023

Pushback: Biological Reality Gains Ground

Despite the establishment’s attempt to manufacture consent, normal people are not on board with the sick liberal agenda:

Over the course of the radically pro-transgender Joe Biden administration, Americans of all stripes are shying away from gender ideology, proclaiming the biological reality of two sexes, and shunning the use of “preferred pronouns,” a recent survey found.

The online PRRI poll, which was conducted March 9–23 with more than 5,000 adults and has a ±1.5 percent margin of error, found a significant increase between 2021 and 2023 of Americans across various demographics embracing the fact that humans are either male or female.

In 2021, 59 percent of Americans said there are only men and women, while 40 percent believed there are “many gender identities.” By 2022, 62 percent believed in two sexes, while 35 percent believed in many gender identities. This year, the divide increased again, with 65 percent of Americans saying there are only two sexes and 34 percent saying there are many, the survey found.

That more than one person in a hundred would deny we are created male or female is alarming evidence of a mental health crisis. But at least the movement is in the right direction — despite the establishment pulling out all the stops to push the other way.

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