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May 19 2024

Queer Planet: NBC Projects LGBTism Onto Animals

It’s coming once again: Pride Month, when the degenerate establishment doubles down on ramming sin and depravity down our throats. The best argument NBCUniversal can come up with in favor of LGBTism is that animals allegedly engage in it:

The LGBTQ animal series called “Queer Planet” will premiere on June 6 on the media company’s streaming service Peacock.

Various animals engaging in ostensibly sexual behavior that would be inappropriate in humans are presented as models for how we should conduct ourselves.

Actor and show host Andrew Rannells claims in the trailer that the existence of “queer” animals shows how “just two sexes is clearly out of style.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to reveal the third sex or where it fits into biology.

Guests in the trailer say only humans have a “stigma” towards being “queer.”

Once again the media’s message is that it is normal to be abnormal, implying that those who do not indulge in perverted sex are abnormal and are the ones who should be subjected to stigma.

It is encouraging that liberals have finally found somewhere to turn for the moral guidance they so conspicuously need. However, they can do better than the animal kingdom. If homosexual behavior is praiseworthy because some male animals establish dominance by raping each other, surely eating your own children is to be encouraged too, since animals also do that.

Despite the best efforts of leftists to reduce us to animals, human beings are something different.

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