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Jun 25 2023

Queering Nuclear Weapons

Being a totalitarian ideology, LGBTism is imposed on everything imaginable — even nuclear weapons. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists presents the following headline, which is too surreal not to date from Biden Era:

Queering Nuclear Weapons: How LGBTQ+ Inclusion Strengthens Security and Reshapes Disarmament

Giving an ostentatiously perverted kleptomaniac authority over radioactive waste disposal was not the last word in nuclear lunacy. From the piece:

During this Pride Month, we would like Bulletin readers to understand that the visible representation and meaningful participation of queer people matters for nuclear policy outcomes. …

Equity and inclusion for queer people is not just a box-ticking exercise in ethics and social justice; it is also essential for creating effective nuclear policy.

Because LGBT types are almost invariably moonbats, they can help us to unilaterally disarm:

Queer theory … shines a light on the harm done by nuclear weapons through uranium mining, nuclear tests, and the tax money spent on nuclear weapons ($60 billion annually in the United States) instead of on education, infrastructure, and welfare. The queer lens prioritizes the rights and well-being of people over the abstract idea of national security…

Meanwhile, the ChiComs are quickly building up their nuclear arsenal in preparation for the war Biden’s weakness is making inevitable. It is expected to be as big as ours by the end of the decade.

In case you haven’t grasped the integral role of postmodern gender theory in our atomic arsenal:

Queer theory also identifies how the nuclear weapons discourse is gendered: Nuclear deterrence is associated with “rationality” and “security,” while disarmament and justice for nuclear weapon victims are coded as “emotion” and a lack of understanding of the “real” mechanics of security. The Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, a 19-year protest against the storage of US nuclear missiles in the United Kingdom, called attention to the gendered nature of nuclear weapons. The camp’s inhabitants—many lesbian—recognized that the same male-dominated power structures underpinned the oppression of women and nuclear armament. Their protests, often involving feminine-coded symbols like pictures of children, defined nuclear weapons by the existential threat they pose, instead of the protection they supposedly offer. From the queer perspective, the allegation of “derailing” substantive discussions through a non-traditional perspective on nuclear weapons is itself an attempt to exclude marginalized voices and reinforce the idea that nuclear weapons are a domain only for “serious” and “rational” (i.e. male) actors.

There won’t be any serious or rational actors getting in the way after Democrats have finished consolidating control.

Speaking of tightening the liberal stranglehold, prioritizing sexual perversion in the field of nuclear weaponry can help defend Our Democracy against the true threats as defined by the Biden Regime — namely, the phantom menace of White Supremacists…

Including a wider range of perspectives in nuclear decision making creates a more comprehensive definition of who or what constitutes a “threat” to nuclear security. An example of this is the threat posed by some white supremacist groups with plans to acquire nuclear weapons or material, which can go undetected when a white-majority workforce does not perceive these groups and their ideological motivation as a relevant threat to their nuclear security mission. Individuals targeted by these kinds of groups—including women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community—are more likely to identify these types of behaviors and attitudes as security risks and can play a crucial role in identifying a potential insider threat.

…and the imaginary climate crisis:

[T]he more than $100 billion that nuclear-armed states spend on nuclear weapons every year could be used to address the climate crisis, which could kill up to 83 million people by 2100.

Is that all? I thought it was up to 83 trillion people by next Thursday.

The ultimate threat is cis-heteronormativity:

Exclusion and unfair treatment of queer individuals [i.e., failure to promote them aggressively enough] and other minorities by a homogenous, cis-heteronormative community of practitioners … creates vulnerabilities in nuclear decision making. Cis-heteronormativity [i.e., the notion that it is normal to be normal] is the automatic assumption that someone is heterosexual and identifies with the sex assigned to them at birth. It creates the idea that being heterosexual and cisgender is normal and natural, whereas being queer or trans is a deviation.

No one psychotic enough to take woke Jabberwocky seriously should be allowed near sharp objects, let alone nuclear weapons. Yet this is the dogma of our ruling class, and under Democrat rule shapes policy even on matters as serious as nuclear weapons.

On tips from Steve T and Franco.


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