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May 26 2021

Racist Attack on Black-Owned Auto Shop

Sociopaths have repeatedly targeted an auto shop in Spring Lake, North Carolina, stealing a car, senselessly smashing the windows of others, and leaving racist graffiti referencing Nazis and the KKK.

Dwyane Haynesworth, the black owner of the shop, installed security cameras. Within 24 hours the vandals were back to inflict more damage. No one will be surprised to learn that the culprits are black too.

By now, police must know to narrow down their list of suspects whenever racist graffiti is left at the scene of a crime. That doesn’t fit the modus operandi of Caucasians.

Leftists who demonize and attempt to defund or otherwise hamstring the police are not siding against whites in favor of blacks, despite the way the liberal establishment frames it. They are siding against Dwyane Haynesworth in favor of punks who pointlessly destroy other people’s property.

On tips from R F, Troy H, and Chris Neilson.


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