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Nov 05 2022

Rapist of NYC Jogger Had 25 Priors

Top Democrat priorities include letting violent criminals run loose and denying law-abiding citizens their constitutional right of self-defense. To see how this works out, look to a city where Democrats have consolidated absolute control — like New York:

• Carl Phanor, 29, was taken into custody after allegedly choking, raping and robbing a 43-year-old woman while she was jogging in Manhattan’s West Village

• The victim was by the Hudson River Park on Pier 45 on Thursday morning when the assailant grabbed her from behind and strangled her until she passed out

• He then removed her clothing, raped her, and stole her phone, headphones and wallet before fleeing the scene on a Citi Bike

• Police arrested the man, who has 25 priors, at the Port Authority terminal after they found him trying to use the victim’s credit cards at a Target in Midtown

• It’s the latest in violence that has plagued New York City, which has seen a nearly 30 percent rise in violent crime so far this year

Meanwhile, Joy Behar tells us from the NYC set of The View that violent crime is falling under Biden’s rule.

The 25 priors, which include at least two sex crimes, signify that the liberal apparatchiks infesting the criminal justice system who let this sociopath run free are accomplices and should be prosecuted as such, starting with Soros tool Alvin Bragg.

Note that the victim did not have to carry a gun while jogging to be afforded defense by the Second Amendment. Parts of the country where the Constitution is still honored have lower crime rates because criminals never know who might be armed.

Even where criminals are incarcerated, so that it is worth the effort to arrest them, police cannot be everywhere. They couldn’t be everywhere even before they were demonized, demoralized, defunded, and marginalized by Democrats in the name of Black Lives Matter.

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