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Feb 17 2023

Recent College Graduates Unprepared to Work

The point of college is to prepare people for their careers. Nowadays, the low standards, mollycoddling, and woke curricula prepare them to be useless:

Almost half of recent college graduates are not ’emotionally’ prepared to survive in the workplace, while a majority of those in their 20s feel ‘burnt out’ at least once a week.

These were the bombshell findings from a new survey of America’s young professionals, which concluded that the next generation of workers aren’t equipped to handle a regular 9-5.

The survey, conducted by the Mary Christie Institute, unearthed numerous shocking statistics, including that 51 percent of young workers needed help for mental health issues within the past year.

Young professionals also offered a damning verdict on the role of colleges in preparing them for their careers, slating their university experience for failing to prime them to enter office life.

But at least their university experience primed them to leverage victimhood to achieve power. There will be plenty of victimhood to go around as society decays into a herd of self-pitying navel gazers incapable of achievement.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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