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Sep 26 2022

Reverse Apartheid in Germany

A favorite tool for supplanting the core population is to discriminate against it in hiring. The bureaucracy of Hanover, Germany is forthright about denying Germans jobs because they are German:

A third of vacancies within the city of Hanover will be reserved exclusively for migrant applicants, new proposals praised by the local Green party have revealed.

Hanover is a city of over half a million. Its mayor is a Turk named Belit Onay, a member of Alliance 90/The Greens.

The draft resolution proposed by the city’s integration committee, which is currently comprised of Greens, SPD, and CDU politicians, says the “target figure for all new hires is 30 percent” in order to significantly increase the proportion of people with foreign roots within the local administration.

A bureaucracy consisting of foreigners will not be compromised by loyalty to Germany’s people and heritage.

The city will furthermore establish a publicity campaign to “motivate young people from immigrant families to take advantage of the wide range of training and study opportunities in the state capital” in order to firmly cement Hanover’s status as an “immigration city.”

The campaign will comprise a “Day of Diversity” at local schools, while further developing “anti-racist coaching” across authorities and public bodies.

“Anti-racist” in this context means racist against Germans.

A similar plan had been put forward in Berlin, but has yet to be implemented. Responding to the Berlin proposal, the labor law expert and constitutional lawyer Arnd Diringer emphasized that according to Article 33, paragraph 2 of the German Constitution, such a quota would be “grossly unconstitutional.” The article clearly reads that “based on the aptitude, ability and professional performance, every German has equal access to every public office.”

What does the German Constitution have to do with it? We have laws against racial discrimination in the USA. These do not protect us from Affirmative Action. Little people obey laws and constitutions. The leftist ruling class obeys only the dictates of its ideology.

Summit News puts Hanover into the context of the Greens’ ongoing campaign to make Germany non-German:

As we previously highlighted, back in July, the Green Party in Germany launched a PR campaign celebrating its vision for the future of the country.

Out of all the promo posters created for the campaign, none featured any white people.

But remember, demographic replacement is a dangerous right-wing extremist conspiracy theory.

The Green Party is small in the USA, because the Democratic Party renders it redundant, but in Germany, Alliance 90/The Greens is the third largest party. The SPD and CDU are #1 and #2. Germans had better start voting AfD before they are outnumbered, at which point their country will be gone for good.

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