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May 23 2024

Rule by Racists: Taxation by Race

Criminal justice is not the only fundamental aspect of government to be corrupted by the racist ideology of America’s leftist rulers. Another is taxes.

Consider a report from the US Treasury entitled “Advancing Equity Through Tax Reform: Effects of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2025 Revenue Proposals on Racial Wealth Inequality.” Comments Roger Kimball:

Beginning with its title, this report bristles with loaded buzzwords —“equity,” “racial wealth inequality.” Behind those abstractions, however, is a malevolent plan to destroy middle-class prosperity by brandishing the chief shibboleth of the age: race.

The intent is to manipulate the tax code so as to reward blacks and punish whites. An example of how the Biden Regime plans to do this is by dramatically increasing capital gains taxes. This achieves “racial justice” because whites are more likely to invest.

For a people to live as despised second class citizens in the country they created and maintain is intolerable. What does it take to get the worm to turn?

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