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Oct 01 2022

Sanctuary State for Sexually Mutilating Children

Gavin Newsom is so cheesy and unctuous that it almost covers his defining trait — he is evil. He shares this characteristic with the other radical Democrats who rule the erstwhile Golden State. On Thursday, Newsom signed into law a bill that makes California a sanctuary state for inflicting horrific sex change procedures on children:

Senate Bill 107, introduced by left-wing state Sen. Scott Wiener (D), offers a wide range of legal protections for transgender youths and their parents who come to California seeking hormone prescriptions or sex-reassignment surgeries that have been made illegal in other states.

The hormone prescriptions alone sterilize children, teratismatize them, and ruin their lives. The surgeries would have sent Josef Mengele running for the nearest toilet, hand clamped over his mouth, vomit spraying from between his fingers.

The new law instructs California courts and attorneys to refuse to comply with out-of-state subpoenas, warrants, and child custody orders issued for individual minors or families seeking sex-change surgeries or cross-sex hormones.

Fiends like Newsom are so keen to sexually mutilate children that they are willing to abet lawbreakers, just as Democrats have done to promote illegal immigration.

The legislation also “prohibits the arrest or recognition of any demand for extradition of an individual that criminalizes allowing a person to receive or provide gender-affirming health care where that conduct would not be unlawful under California’s law,” according to Wiener’s press office. An out-of-state criminal arrest warrant for someone who violated another state’s laws against providing gender transition services to children will be given “the lowest priority for law enforcement in California.”

Alien though it may be, California is still part of the USA…

Federal laws that require states to recognize out-of-state laws when residents travel could make the sanctuary law unconstitutional.

…but the leftists running Biden’s Injustice Department will do their best to shield California on behalf of their shared agenda.

In case you are wondering what kind of sicko would propose such a law, here we see Scott Wiener (second from right) participating in San Francisco’s infamous Folsom Street Fair:

California is ruled by miscreants like Wiener and Newsom. To a growing extent, the whole country is.

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