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Feb 03 2023

Satanic Temple Launches Abortion Clinic

The demonic statue atop a New York City courthouse commemorating Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s devotion to abortion reminded us that there is something satanic about liberals’ vociferous advocacy of snuffing out innocent life in the womb. The word “satanic” is meant literally:

Via Daily Wire:

[The Satanic Temple] will raise funds to assist girls and women around the country to have “access to safe and legal abortions, no matter where they live or what their financial situation may be.” So, it would appear they will send out pills for at home medicated abortions while funding abortion tourism so Americans can travel to states where abortion is legal.

The Satanic Temple explicitly regards abortion as a “religious ritual.”

Liberals often screech that nothing that reminds them of Christianity should receive any government funding because separation of church and state. Let’s apply that to the coercive taxpayer funding of abortion, which Democrats are so keen on that the Biden Regime may declare an official public health emergency because not enough babies are being aborted.

Call me old-fashioned, but I remember when the Devil came as a false angel of light masquerading as something good — not an in-your-face ode to the murder of another human.

By the same token, Democrats used to pretend to be the good guys, even if naive. Not so much anymore. In Hillary Clinton’s time, they would bark the bumper sticker slogan “Safe, Legal, and Rare.”

Democrats of the 90s pretended that they thought [abortion] was something to be ashamed of. Now, that shame is gone, and literal followers of Satan openly tout abortion to curry favor with the Left.

It would be hard to imagine more fertile recruiting grounds for satanists than the Democrat base.

The defense of civilization from moonbattery isn’t just right vs. left or even right vs. wrong. It is good vs. evil.

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