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Dec 05 2023

School Assigns 11-Year-Old Girl to Sleep With Boy

Ever wonder what kind of assignments children are given now that schools are run by leftist social engineers? Wonder no longer:

An 11-year-old girl was assigned to share a bed with a male student who identifies as a transgender girl while on a cross-country school trip, according to a demand letter sent Monday. …

Represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, Joe and Serena Wailes are calling on the Colorado-based Jefferson County School Board and Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Tracy Dorland to clarify “whether JCPS will continue this practice of intentionally withholding information about rooming accommodations from parents like the Waileses, who object to their children rooming with a student of the opposite sex, regardless of the other student’s gender identity.” …

The Waileses describe how their daughter, who is in fifth grade, went on a JCPS-sponsored trip to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., in June 2023. JCPS had repeatedly told parents that the boys and girls on the trip would be roomed on different floors—and chaperones told the students that boys would not even be allowed to visit the girls’ floor, as well as vice versa, according to the letter.

However, liberal ideology dictates that some boys are girls. This illustrates why we cannot allow them to bully us into denying reality.

Good thing the little girl had a phone. She sheltered in the bathroom and called her parents.

Reports Joe Wailes:

“I was 2,000 miles away. My daughter is scared in a bathroom trying to get herself out of a situation. It was a frustrating experience, and I just really felt like it was not a situation my daughter should be put in.”

Now she is likely to be targeted for ostracization as a “transphobe” because she didn’t want to share a bed with a boy pretending to be a girl.

In other education news,

Bonnie Manchester is a Christian middle school teacher who was fired from her job in 2021. Her “crime” was informing a father and mother that school officials were referring to their daughter as a boy and keeping it secret from them.

She is pushing back against Ludlow, Massachusetts and its school system with a lawsuit.

The lawsuit describes how the school counselor and others maliciously coached troubled children to take on “transgender” identities with opposite-sex names and pronouns.

In this particular case, the parents had sent a letter to the school specifically asking that the school staff not have any private conversations with their 11-year-old daughter, as she was already receiving professional help for mental health issues.

But the school counselor ignored the parents’ wishes and secretly persuaded the daughter that she was really “transgender” and encouraged her to use a male name and pronouns.

Read the 13-part series at MassResistance for chilling details of what goes on in the world where children spend most of the waking hours they are not watching pernicious TikTok videos.

Until control of public schools can be wrested away from moonbats, children cannot be entrusted to them.

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