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Mar 06 2023

Schools Trans Kids Behind Parents’ Backs Throughout USA

“It takes a village,” shrieks Shrillary. Former MSNBC propagandist Melissa Harris-Perry lisps that “we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” That is to say, children belong to our moonbat rulers. They exert their control through public schools, where kids are indoctrinated in their depraved agenda throughout the country.

In Colorado:

Laurel Elementary School Assistant Principal, Amanda Pawelski, and Poudre School District Chief Equity Officer, Marlena Gross-Taylor, were caught in leaked emails discussing going behind a parent’s back to instruct an elementary school student by their preferred pronouns.

The parents had made explicit that they do not want their child to be groomed for transsexualism. The aforementioned educrats agreed to use the kid’s real name and pronouns in front of the parents to avoid legal problems, but not otherwise.

Marlena also referred Amanda to the district’s new LGBTQIA+ Coordinator, Shayna Seitchik, who also reiterated to Marlena that her and Darcie Votipka, the Director of Student Services for the district, agreed with using the student’s chosen pronouns and names while the parents were not present.

Cockroaches rule the kitchen in the darkness, even if they strategically retreat when they sense light.

In Virginia:

The parents of a 14-year-old girl who was allowed to secretly change gender at school have accused teachers of making a huge mistake by keeping them in the dark after she was bullied, assaulted in the boys’ restroom – and ultimately ran away and into the hands of an abusive online groomer.

Michele and Roger Blair told that their daughter, Sage, was allowed to change her name to Draco and use the boys’ restrooms at Appomattox County High School in central Virginia without their permission.

The couple said teachers effectively sidelined them from supporting their daughter, who suffered from depression, during her at-school transition. Ultimately, they only discovered she was trans after finding a hall pass in Draco’s name.

A generation is being raised to be sexually depraved and mentally ill by design, in the belief that it will help our degenerate ruling class to consolidate power.

In Florida:

A Florida mother has sued her daughter’s school after teachers launched a ‘transgender support plan’ without asking for parental consent, reports say. …

[January] Littlejohn revealed school bosses had spoken to [her 13-year-old daughter] about changing her name and which bathroom she wanted to use. …

Aghast by the discussion the school had had with her daughter without parental consent, Littlejohn called them immediately and asked them about it.

She was told by the school guidance councilor and vice-principal that they could not disclose what had been talked about in the meeting, and that Littlejohn’s daughter needed to give consent by-law for her parents to be informed about or be present for future discussions.

Parents have been marginalized.

In Washington:

In a January “leadership memo,” South Kitsap School District Assistant Principal Tom Edwards provided guidance to teachers that advises them to ask a student, before talking to parents, if their family knows about their gender change, according to an email obtained by the [Daily Caller News Foundation]. …

Teachers are also provided additional step-by-step guidance on how to change student’s records to reflect their gender change and how to hide said changes from parents, the email showed. Educators were told to spread the document “widely” to inform others.

It was spread a little too widely, falling into the hands of conservatives.

The Biden Administration has made it obvious that no reasonable person should entrust the government to Democrats. Why would you entrust your children to them? Public schools must be abolished, and private schools monitored closely for signs of liberal indoctrination.

On a tip from Sad Hill.


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