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Feb 01 2022

Sean Penn on Feminization of American Men

Good thing moonbats are immune to irony. Otherwise, they would choke themselves with it. Tinseltown leftist Sean Penn notices that American men have become “quite feminized.” He scandalizes his fellow libs by holding forth on the topic:

“There are a lot of, I think, cowardly genes that lead to people surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt.”

Here’s an alternate theory. Maybe men have been feminized by the leftist social engineers infesting Hollyweird.

Penn should give this some thought, considering that he played the starring role in Milk, which glorifies a guy who sexually preyed upon at least one teenage boy.

With heroes like Harvey Milk for role models, don’t expect boys to grow up to be Leonidas. Odds are better they will become effete degenerate moonbats.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.


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