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Apr 20 2024

Self-Immolator Maxwell Azzarello Was a Moonbat

No matter how far they take their depraved ideology, progressives manage to progress still further. Less than 2 months ago we were shocked when lefty Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire to demonstrate his support for Hamas following the terror atrocities of October 7. Before long, it will be a fad, before moonbats move on to something more horrifying still. Already we have a copycat in Maxwell Azzarello:

A man set himself on fire in front of the Manhattan courtroom on Friday as a CNN live broadcast reported on the jury being seating in former President Donald Trump’s trial.

Azzarello died of his self-inflicted injuries.

He left a manifesto, which reveals an unsurprising political orientation.

Azzarello had a paranoid interest in conservative tech billionaire Peter Thiel, believed that “capitalism is unsustainable,” and fretted about fascism and climate change. He had worked for Democrat congresscritters Tom Suozzi and Ami Bera, as well as for the self-described “social justice organization” Liberty Hill Foundation. His LinkedIn photo was a picture of him standing next to Bill Clinton. He described himself as “a huge proponent of left unity” and an “anarchocommunist” — i.e., a radical moonbat of the type you might expect to do something really crazy in a public park.

Nonetheless, the media will spin his viewpoint as nonpartisan even pro-Trump if they think they can get away with it.

VIEWER ADVISORY: Death by moonbattery can be disturbing:

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