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Mar 26 2021

Severe Secondary COVID Symptom: Men in Skirts

The coronavirus lockdowns forced people to cower in isolation like Biden in his basement and to submit passively to arbitrary dictates passed down whimsically by clueless technocrats. By submitting, men became less manly. This is a cause of celebration for the liberal media.

The Guardian crows triumphantly:

For men who want to ditch their tie-dye tops and sweatpants post-pandemic but keep the comfort, a surprising new trend has emerged: the skirt. …

The trend is indicative of how the pandemic has unshackled men from their dress codes.

Only in the upside-down world of moonbats would someone claim men have been “unshackled” by the repressive lockdowns.

Mark Bryan, an influencer who posts arresting selfies to his 410,000 Instagram followers showing him posing in various skirts in different urban surroundings, said: “It offers me more than the traditional men’s trouser.”

Bryan is a middle-aged man who has become an “influencer” by making an exhibitionist pageant of his mental health issues. Guys like this are now cited by the establishment media as cultural role models.

According to French designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin, whose new collection features skirts for transvestites,

“At [my label] the skirt is quite mini to be honest, which is super freeing but also you’ve got to watch it a little if you want to keep it classy.”

Remember that, guys. When wearing women’s clothes in public, you’ve got to keep it classy. You don’t want to look sleazy like Harry Styles, frumpy like Corporal Klinger, or horrifically grotesque like senior-slaying Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine.

Behold moonbattery applied to masculinity:

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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