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Feb 08 2024

Sincerity From the Mouths of Moonbats

Sometimes even left-wing politicians are sincere. Watch as Senator Chris Murphy, top Democrat negotiator for the failed bill to open the border even wider, specifies who it is that Democrats and their RINO collaborators care about most: “undocumented Americans that are in this country” — i.e., invaders illegally imported by our hostile government at our expense:

MSNBC propagandist Chris Hayes and Chris Murphy are members of the same species, Liberalis whitemalicus, identifiable by its repulsive, sluglike softness. You expect these creatures to leave a muculent trail behind them as they go.

Another specimen of this species is Justin Trudeau — who is also sometimes capable of sincerity:

True enough, Canadians who would vote for the party of Trudeau do not want Canada to be great.

When your rulers tell you that they care more about foreign invaders than they do about you and that they do not want their country to be great, believe them.

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