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May 12 2023

Smirnoff’s Maxine LaQueene Is Transsexual Prostitute

There is follow-up on Maxine LaQueene, erstwhile representative of Smirnoff vodka, who had to be detained by police for his behavior at the Texas Capitol while protesting against bills to protect children from grooming by his fellow drag queens. Via Post Millennial:

The drag queen who uses she/her pronouns was forcibly removed by police after he flashed his testicles and rear end in front of legislators, women, and teens present in the state House chamber. Now the trans children’s rights activist has been unmasked for promoting shocking fetish videos online in addition to working illegally as a sex worker, a Class B Misdemeanour in the state.

LaQueene, a biological male, who identifies as a trans woman, was advertising sexual services on a trans prostitution website for $200 an hour, describing himself as “Mistress Maxine…a 6’4 trans mistress…available for dates, girlfriend experiences, hotel meetings and more.” Additionally, he proudly shows off extreme fetishes on his Twitter account, which he uses for trans activism, as well as on his OnlyFans.

Not only a drag queen, but an LGBT activist. Not only an LGBT activist, but a sex worker. No wonder the suits at Smirnoff wanted his face on their vodka.

Despite claiming to be a trans kids advocate, the drag queen posts photos of his uncensored penis with captions like “RT if you can deepthroat it” to Twitter, whilst posting extreme fetish videos on his OnlyFans account with his boyfriend who identifies as a ‘dog,’ wearing a leather fetish dog mask.

He ought to apply for a job in Biden’s Department of Energy, now that fellow dog master Sam Brinton has left his position.

To the extent liberals are winning the culture war, Mr LaQueene personifies American culture.

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