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Feb 05 2024

Soccer Fan Banned for Dissent on Transsexualism

In a totalitarian society, dissent from establishment ideology is not tolerated in any area of life. For example, in Britain, not buying into transsexualism can get you banned from watching soccer games:

A football fan has been banned from matches until 2026 after Premier League conducted a ‘secretive’ four-month ‘Stasi’ probe into her social media posts that criticised transgender ideology.

Linzi Smith, a Newcastle United supporter, was investigated by a special unit set up to expose racism in the game, after she expressed strong views on trans ideology…

Smith is a lesbian who “champions lesbian, gay and bisexual rights” — a.k.a. special privileges. Not good enough. Belief in transsexualism specifically is now mandatory.

The complainant included screenshots taken from Ms Smith’s social media account in which she suggested that some transgender people were suffering from mental illness.

All transgender people are psychotic by definition, as they have lost contact with reality.

It is understood that Ms Smith had not done anything to offend anyone during a match, inside the stadium or involving the club.

Nonetheless, Newcastle United sicced the law on her. The police came to her home to put a scare in her, but thankfully refrained from throwing her in jail. So the team revoked her membership and banned her from games until 2026.

Hard to believe she could still be a fan of the team after this. Then again, American fans still support teams that knelt in worship of Black Lives Matter while it was burning police stations, tearing down statues of the Founding Fathers, and looting businesses.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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