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Apr 26 2023

South Africa to Ban Free Speech

How does the fundamental right of free speech fare where liberalism has triumphed? To find out, let’s turn to the Rainbow Utopia and check on the progress of the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crime and Hate Speech Bill, which has been accepted by South Africa’s National Assembly:

The Bill has now been referred to the National Council of Provinces for deliberation and should it be accepted, it will be sent to Pres Cyril Ramaphosa for confirmation.

Ramaphosa was produced by the same African National Congress that gave us the communist terrorist, chum of despots, and prominent deity in the liberal firmament Nelson Mandela. I’m guessing he will sign it.

A specific concern is the vague definitions used in the Bill to define hate speech.

That’s not a bug; it’s a feature. As with the terms of service Big Tech tyrants like Google exploit to deplatform dissidents, vagueness will allow it to be weaponized on an arbitrary basis. The concept of “hate speech” and “hate crimes” was created for this purpose.

After several amendments to the Bill the term “hate crime” is now defined as an offense – excluding the offenses of crimen injuria or hate speech – committed by a person motivated by their prejudice or intolerance towards the victim, a family member of the victim, or the victim’s connection to or support of a group of persons who share one or more of the following real or perceived characteristics: age; albinism; culture; disability; ethnic or social roots; gender; HIV or Aids status; language; nationality; refugee status; occupation; political affiliation or conviction; race; religion; sexual orientation; skin colour.

The Bill also provides for the different channels through which these crimes can be committed and includes social media and online communication.

In short, say anything over the Internet that anyone chooses to find offensive and if authorities don’t like the cut of your jib, you will be in big trouble:

The Bill also provides for any person found guilty of a hate crime to be sentenced to a maximum of eight years imprisonment or a fine or both.

It would be a challenge to survive eight days in a South African hospital nowadays. Eight years in prison could be a life sentence.

We all know when Democrats will impose a similar law in the USA: the moment they have the political leverage.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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