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Apr 15 2024

Squatters Seize Gordon Ramsay’s Pub

The collapse of property rights in the face of moonbattery has allowed squatters to seize not only homes but also businesses. Even the rich and famous are effected — like Gordon Ramsay:

A swarm of squatters have shacked up inside the celebrity chef’s $16.1 million pub — using Ramsay’s own kitchen appliances to barricade themselves inside, according to a report.

Shocking photographs taken by The Sun show the “professional squatters” holed up inside York & Albany pub, which the “Hell’s Kitchen” host was about to sign over to new partners in a multi-million dollar deal.

One person was seen barefoot and sprawled across on a black leather sofa inside the restaurant, with their personal belongings and debris, including empty wine bottles, strewn across the floor.

The pub was temporarily closed while a new lease was being finalized, providing the scumbags with a window of opportunity. Now that they are ensconced, it won’t be easy to get them out again in a city run by leftists. The “professional squatters” have put glue in the locks and have threatened legal action against anyone attempting to dislodge them.

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