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Dec 01 2021

Stanford Educrats Pull Hate Hoax

Hate-hoaxing bully Bubba Wallace’s revelation that garage door pulls are actually racist nooses was only the beginning. Stanford educrats have uncovered more racism in the form of cords with loops.

At the Stanford Review, Maxwell Meyer quotes an email blasted out by Dean of Students Mona Hicks and Vice Provost for Institutional Equity, Access, and Community Patrick Dunkley:

“Two cords with loops that may represent nooses were found in a tree… The Office immediately contacted the Stanford University Department of Public Safety (DPS), which promptly investigated the incident with a campus arborist.”

Weathering and tree growth suggest that the cords had been attached to the tree for as long as 2 years, but cords with loops only recently became inherently racist.

“We cannot be certain whether the ropes were deliberately fashioned in the shape of nooses, or were part of an abandoned swing or rope ladder.”


“To be clear, a noose is a potent symbol of anti-Black racism and violence that is completely unacceptable under any circumstances.”

This includes even the circumstance that the noose is not a noose but just a cord or rope with a loop in it.

As part of their apparent attempt to validate critical race theory hogwash, the educrats hyperventilate about the “mental health resources” available to students and faculty too psychologically fragile to cope with the existence of cords with loops in them.

As Meyer notes, the timing was excellent:

They rushed to inform Stanford students of an alleged race incident on the very day that the criminal trial of Jussie Smollett, the greatest of all race hoaxers, began in Chicago. That little coincidence is the cherry on top of this giant farce.

Taking the broader view, hate hoaxes in general are the cherry on top of the giant farce that is the liberal racial narrative.

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